11 Little Changes That Can Improve Your Marriage

Happy Couple Getting Married

Many little things in life can lay the foundation for a healthy marriage and nurture it along the way. Being sensitive to each other’s likes, dislikes, tastes, distastes and building on pure affection and love are the building blocks of a happy married life that last throughout your life. Sexual intimacy is a small component in a married life and couple who understand this seldom get into a broken relationship. There is no one-upmanship in a married life, and both partners should see themselves as equal partners in the journey of life. On that note, here are 10 little changes that can help you place your marriage on a rock solid foundation.

1. Does your bedroom present a romantic ambience

The atmosphere in the bedroom is important to foster passionate fires. Find enough opportunities when only the two of you are in the room, and it is a tidy place, appealing and romantic. Do not allow litter and linen to be strewn around all over the place. Use pleasant smells, incense sticks and the like to arouse the right moods.

2. Attend a Couple Therapy

Sometimes things are not working according to your plan; then it is recommended to see a couple therapist. The couple counselling therapist would assist you in solving any issues related to your relationship and provide handful tips to make your relationship long lasting. If you are looking for more information about marriage counselling go here right away.

3. Schedule quality time out together every week

In today's contemporary world, people are busy at work. But, that should not be an excuse to find some quality time at least once a week. If you are unable to spend more time, even a walk together will serve the purpose.

4. Define a goal to nurture your marriage every single day

These are not like huge New Year resolutions. Even small things like resolving to be cheerful with your partner for the day (at least), saying some sweet little things to your beloved, making a plan for the upcoming weekend, and something like that can go a long way in cementing your marriage.

5. Focus on your contributions than the gains

Keep the blame game aside and think of how you can contribute positively to your wedding. Focus on things that will nurture your marriage and put any irritant on the backburner. Learn and implement the values of positive and negative energies.

6. Distractions can hurt

Two people talking to each other

Communications with your spouse should be clear and allowed to be in the midst of distractions like a TV or a laptop or even your mobile phone. It would be a good idea to switch off your cell phones when the two of you are together and need to talk.

7. Behaviour ranks above feelings

Some people are good only when they need a favour from their spouse. It is a negative approach and can spoil the relationship at some point in time or the other. We go to work on all days because the paycheck is necessary. In a marriage too, consistent behaviour pays rich dividends.

8. Your spouse deserves the best treatment from you

You may have immense love and affection for your sister, brother, mother or anyone for that reason. But your spouse must rank above all that if you value your marriage.

9. Learn the art of listening more and speaking less

It can be a great tool to nurture your marriage. But, you should handle this carefully so that your partner does not get the feel that you are maintaining a distance.

10. Little encouragement works like the icing on the cake

If your spouse has been recognised at work, share your joy and speak a few words of encouragement. Let him/her feel the need to more.

11. Get help from a psychologist

The human ego is the greatest enemy in a marital relationship. If both partners keep this one element aside, your married life can become enviable for others and enjoyable for you. But, we all know that this is more easily said than done. The best that you can do therefore is to seek help from a psychologist, the first time you notice cracks appearing in your relationship. If a small leak is plugged in time, you can save the boat from sinking, and a psychologist can help you with this.

How I got chance to wear my classical dress in winter

I have been invited to an Italian wedding

party dresses for classical weddingGetting an invitation excites me more than anything else and I think everyone else feels the same way but do you ever wonder why? There could be a lot of reasons but for me, the reason why I’d really go super-duper excited being invited is because I can get to wear something attractive that would really make me an eye-turner! I really REALY love to attend special events especially weddings and conferences held in the most beautiful places around. But this time is a lot different! I have been invited to an Italian wedding and had a chance to wear my classical dress in winter!

Wearing Classical Dress for a Wedding

So, I have a lot of party dresses in my wardrobe, I keep them just in case I would need to wear them again for another kind of celebration. Contrary to some people I know including my sisters, I don’t think going to a party is luxurious because you can wear your old party dress just like I do most of the time. You just have to be smart when buying. What I actually do is buy different kinds of clothes when they are on sale or in a bargain, this surely save me a lot of time and money. It’s kind of like an investment. Imagine attending a party without going to any of these malls just to buy a dress prior to the party. Imagine the hassle if you would have to? I hate being on a rush or being RUSHED and that is why I keep whatever I can keep and buy what I would need whenever I have the time.

I have this 5 feet wide walk-in closet in my room where I get to pick which dress to wear without any stress. They’re all hanging in there just waiting to be picked and worn. The best thing you actually need to do is to choose one week in advance because you would have to fit the dress and have it washed before wearing because you wouldn’t want to wear something that smells like an old clothing “ from an old chest”, do you? So that’s what I normally do, unless, I choose to use something fairly new. But I always make sure I have ample time to choose the best one that would suit the event and that would still suit me perfectly.
Anyway, talking about going to a special event really thrills me the most so when I received this call from a friend of mine living in Italy, I almost jumped for joy! Imagine going to Italy to attend a wedding ceremony !!!Wow! It made me think twice though cos I am from Texas USA and she’s actually from Rome so I guessed it would take me at least 24 hours to travel including layovers. I wondered how much I would spend if I’d book my ticket right after her call. Her wedding was in 4 weeks and I knew I still have plenty of time to decide but I also knew it would cost me more or less than a $1000 which is a little too expensive I thought, not to mention that I still need to know what kind of clothing is normally worn on a wedding in Italy. Do I have to buy a new one? What kind of dress do these women wear in Italy at a wedding?
After a few days, I have finally decided to go! After all I am going to ITALY—the home of the most popular fashion designers like Versace, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Prada and Dolce and Gabbana? But here’s the cache– I have found out that in Italy (well, maybe not all places in Italy), people wear just about anything they feel like wearing, anything that’s comfy even at a wedding ceremony. I heard though that just like in the U. S, black dress is customarily not a very good example of “something to wear” at a wedding. So, I thought of wearing red or maybe midnight blue as an alternative, the gowns I bought from 3 years ago still suits me and I have thought of wearing the elegant midnight gown I longed to wear on special occasions like this but after asking some of my friends who have already attended parties in Italy, I have decided to go for something unlikely. Unlikely—because here in Texas, I do not normally wear winter dress for parties!! Anyway, I felt reassured knowing what and what’s NOT to wear so I started checking my closet, looking for a winter dress that would really make me feel and look so cool, happy and comfy. At last, I saw my classical winter dress that still looked so lovely. I would really love to wear it.
Matched with my classic-looking yet well-designed accessories for winter, I loved the way I looked that day—wearing long sleeved dark red classical winter dress with embroidered collar. Its red ribbon around my waist made me even more stunning than ever.

What I Discovered Prior To the Wedding

Classic dressJust like what I have discovered prior to attending my friend’s wedding, I noticed that some of the guests were actually just wearing slacks and polo shirts, a few men wore jeans and shirts. For the women though, they were wearing short trendy outfits while others wore long gowns.
It was really an awesome experience; another special occasion I would always remember. I learned a lot of different things just by attending different kinds of occasions in various different places here in the US but this one in Rome is truly awe-inspiring because I had the chance to personally be with my best friend at her wedding day plus the chance to meet her husband for the first time! Meeting new friends was also a wonderful experience and what’s more to this awesome experience is the actual witnessing of a wedding ceremony– in Italy!!! I cannot believe I have been to Italy, it was my first encounter with Italians. I didn’t hesitate to take pictures of myself at all, after all I went there not only for the wedding day but also to have lots of fun and see the many beautiful places that I have always dreamed of visiting. I just never really thought of being there for another reason. I thank my best friend for inviting me to Italy to attend her Italian wedding ceremony.